A typical day at doggie daycare from a dog’s perspective:

Your mommy/daddy will drop you off whenever they want; any time after 7 AM. The nice people that work here will take you out for a potty break and then get you all settled into your house. You can bring along blankies, toys, treats, medicine, food containers, bags, etc. It's kind of nice that they let you bring your own stuff along, you know? A lot of my pals like having their favorite toy with them, and you probably will, too. (Especially if this is your first time.)

The nice people will take you outside for potty time before you go into your crate. Meanwhile, they will give you a clean fresh bowl of water in your crate, and fluff your blankies. I think they even leave a treat on your pillow! They put a big bucket of water out in the play area, too; I like to play in that one.

At 9 AM, it's time for playgroups to begin, and the nice people will introduce you to other dogs one at a time, so that you won't be overwhelmed on your first day. Once they find you a playmate (pick me!) or a group of friends, they'll take you all out to the securely fenced play area for supervised potty time and group play. (And if you're a little nervous on your first day, they'll just pair you up with a human friend for some snuggle time.) 

It's kind of cool, because the playground is divided up into multiple areas, so they can bring all of the groups outside at one time without mixing us all together. Each playgroup has its own person assigned to watch over us...they stay right in the pen with us so that if we need help, they're right there. Of course, they also get to pet us and tell us how cute we are. I like that part! If the weather is wet or cold, we only stay out long enough to potty, and then we then move inside for more playtime.

Once your playtime is over (about 35 minutes on most days) you'll go back into your house for your between-play nap. Naptime is about 90 minutes, but it flies by...you'll be tired, don't worry! After naptime, your group will meet up again out on the playground. We go outside every two hours, so get ready for some fun!

At noon, we all get an afternoon snack (either one that your parent provided, or one of our approved snacks - sometimes they are even homemade biscuits from the bakery!) You can join me for lunch, too, if you do lunch? We eat in our crates, so there's no worries about another dog squabbling over your food! 

Playgroup and naptime continue like that for the rest of the day. We eat dinner by 5:00 PM, if your mommy/daddy drops off dinner for you.

Well, hopefully, your human will sign you up soon and we'll be meeting you! Would you like to meet some of the other Canine Cottage Dogs before you decide? Stop by for a tour anytime!

Our clients are essential workers. They are nurses and doctors and law enforcement personnel who can't leave their dogs at home for various health and other issues. They need our care while they continue to work and we need to be there for them at this very difficult time. Therefore, we will continue to remain open for daycare, grooming and boarding and continue with our social distancing and disinfection practices and even take them a step further. Starting tomorrow, no one is allowed in our lobby. If you choose to bring your dog to Canine Cottage for care of any kind, please pull up and park in our lot and a staff member will come out to receive your dog from you. We have options to pay online and package redemption measures already in place. We also have the ability to take your payment in the parking lot or over the phone. Remember, dogs do not transmit the virus and we are operating on very minimal staff at this time to further protect from its spread. We understand and fully support those who do not wish to utilize our services but please know we are here for anyone who needs us.